Visiting the Vet

How many trips have you taken with your pet to the vet? If your dog or cat is in good health, maybe you’ve only gone a few times for vaccines or small issues. If visiting the vet is a problem for  your pet there are some tips to make the experience a bit more comforting.

Tips when Visiting the Vet

Visiting the Vet - Cat in Carrier Niles and Friends Fort Collins CO(1) If you are using a pet carrier for a cat, place it in the living room or somewhere near the front door so they get used to it. Put in a nice blanket and some of the toys. A bit of catnip might help as well. If they start to use the carrier as a place to hide or sleep, that’s a comfortable place for them and when you need them to go into the carrier there will be less anxiety.

(2) Make sure your pet is well hydrated before a car journey to the vet. Put out extra fresh water in different rooms making it easy for your pet to access water. This is probably a good idea anyways – always make water access easy to keep your pet healthy and hydrated.

(3) Use the word “vet” or “doctor” in a calming tone every once in a while. If the pet listens to this word and hears it in a calm tone they are less likely to be stressed. Remember – your animal picks up on your sense of calm or anxiety levels. No need to worry – it’s off to the vet! (Said in a very calm manner)

(4) Kitties can have anxiety if there are pesky dogs in the waiting area. Sometimes vets separate the waiting areas and that’s always nice. If not, just be sure to point the carrier to the wall or window so the cat is not able to see the Great Dane eyeing them in the carrier – very scary! Put your hand near the carrier so they know you are near. My cat likes to rub against my hand as if to say “don’t leave me!” and I understand and talk in soothing tones.

Visiting the Vet in Fort Collins, CO(5) Leash your pet. Please don’t assume your dog will listen to you on command in a vet’s office. You will create lots of commotion if you bring in a dog that is not leashed! When you walk in there might be another dog leaving and he or she might be sick or annoyed or both! Both owner’s and animal’s guards are up and something might happen that requires a vet tech intervention – and these are busy people. It’s best to leash and control your dog at all times for everyone’s comfort level.

You probably already use these tips for your pets and know how to make visiting the vet a peaceful journey, but it helps to remind others especially when you don’t visit too often. We wish all our veterinary personnel and their staff the calmest of days with success in treating our pets. Thank you for all that you do for us!


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