Travel? Make plans for Taking Care of your Pets

Taking care of your pets while you travel - Niles and Friends Fort CollinsGetting excited about taking time off? A beach vacation this year? Nice! Just your toes in the sand, beach volleyball, deep sea fishing, browsing the tourist shops for palm tree stylish shot glasses and many other fun activities await you and your family. There’s just one problem – what to do with the dogs and kitty? If travel plans are looming it’s time to make plans for taking care of your pets.

Taking care of your Pets – How to Get Started

The best way to begin is to find someone who will keep to the pets schedule as close as possile to keep them on their normal routine. It’s going to be a bit stressful enough not to see your happy face as they greet  you at the end of the day – it’s best to keep a known routine.

If you choose Niles and Friends we like to come and visit you and your pet together and see how things go – we get to say hello, they understand you are welcome in the home, etc. The more time you can allow for this process in the beginning is good. As it gets closer to vacation time there might be details that are important like an eye ointment procedure on Fridays or something that might stress you out later if forgotten! We are very detailed and will ensure your pet’s medications, exercise and playtime schedules are adhered to on time. No anxious pets and no stressful parents – vacations should be relaxing, right?

Just give Niles and Friends a call at 970-237-0404 and let’s get the conversation started. Taking care of your pets’ safety, happiness and adhering to exercise routines will take the stress out of your vacation. It gives you the peace of mind required in order to truly relax on your trip!