Types of Pets Accepted:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Fish
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Small Reptiles
  • No snakes, please.

Services for Pet Sitting – Hours:

7am – 8pm for drop-ins, walks and vacation care.
Overnights: 8 or 9pm – 7am.
365 days a year!
Dog Walking/Drop-in Visit:  $15 per visit (20-30 mins).

These visits are recommended for clients who will be out during the day (8-10 hrs.) at work or at leisure.
T.L.C. walk/potty breaks, food/treats if desired; water refill and a note about my serfices are always included.  I can also administer meds to your pet at your request.  Service is for up to two dogs; each additional dog, $2.00 each per visit.  Payment is due at time of services by cash or check, please.

* If you use my services for pet sitting at least 3X per week, I will invoice you on the last day of the month.

Vacation Care


Includes everything in our Dog Walking/Drop-in service plus light and blind rotation, newspaper and home mail pickup, watering house plants, and anything your dog needs to be comfortable. These prices reflect from 1 – 3 animals per household.

3 Visits per day-$42
4 Visits per day-$55

1 visit-$20
2 visits-$35 per day
Includes all of the above plus litter box and cage cleanup.

Other Small Pets:
1 visit-$20.00
Fish, small reptiles, hamsters, etc. cage cleaning included.

Payment is due at the beginning of overnight or vacation care and is not refundable if you return early.  Please understand the time was reserved exclusively for you and your pet.

Pet Sitting Services: Overnight Care

8/9 P.M.—7 A.M.  $60 per day.

For pets that need someone in your home and extra T.L.C. while you’re on vacation or a business trip.  This includes snuggling, walking, play, food, meds, and litter box services as well as the “home care” services mentioned above.  For dogs, this service includes an additional walk/potty breaks as needed.  Please schedule in advance, since these slots fill quickly.

Payment is due upon arrival or can be picked up prior to my first night.  You and your pets will be secure knowing someone is spoiling them and watching your home.

Puppy Care

Three (3) visits per day @ $42 per day for a typical work day.

Pet sitting services by Niles and Friends of Fort CollinsWe recommend your puppy receives three (3) drop-in visits during the day.  This includes potty breaks, T.L.C., positive reinforcement, food/water, play, and short walks if desired.  Cleanup in confined areas also included.  Any of my services for pet sitting can be customized to meet the individual needs of you and/or your pet (s). Addition visits if needed.

Read our blog posts for further information about Niles and Friends. See our gallery of happy pet clients and read some of our testimonials as well. To talk with us on our Facebook page click here. Of course you can give us a call at 970-237-0404 and arrange for a meet and greet so we can schedule your pet sitting service for the time you will be unavailable for your pet. We’ve got the pet sitting services covered for you!