Pet Tick Solutions

Pet Tick Solutions Fort Collins ColoradoWe love summer with our pets. The frisbee fun, long walks, playtime in the water and endless fetch opportunities make it a special time for  you and your dog. One of the problems to watch out for is the ability for fleas and ticks to latch on to your dog and create havoc. It’s not uncommon for a pet to carry Lyme disease and be in pain with or without your knowledge. What to do? Here are some pet tick solutions to try this summer.

Daily Pet Exam

Finding ticks and fleas is paramount to fixing a problem that could get worse fast. Lyme disease can be transmitted by fleas and mosquitoes. They attach to moist, warm areas of the body and can be found wandering anywhere on a dog prior to a bite.

Use tweezers to grasp the head as far down as possible and pull straight up, gently until the tick releases. Have a cup of isopropyl alcohol nearby to drop them in and kill the ticks.

For fleas, use a fine-toothed flea comb and check for fleas and flea dirt. Rinse off the comb in soapy water and drown the fleas. Remember, for everyone you see there are dozens of eggs, larvae, and cocoons hidden in carpets, bedding and furniture. Treat your home, yard and pet to get ahead of this problem!

Bathe your Pet Weekly

Soap up the neck first so that any hangers-on fleas and ticks don’t make a bee-line to the head. Use herbs of neem and fleabane in your dog shampoo to deter these pesky bugs from grabbing hold. Do a thorough inspection of your dogs’ belly, armpits, legs and other areas where ticks might be hiding.

If flea and tick season is coming up, be sure to start a preventative routine early.

Good Quality Food

Pet Tick and Flea Solutions Fort Collins Colorado

Yes, I made this!

A healthy dog eating a nutritious diet is less attractive to fleas and ticks. Feed your dog the best quality food you can afford and just like humans supplement with omega-3s, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Fleas and Ticks do not like vitamin B vitamins and brewers yeast – both good for dogs as well. This is an important component of pet tick solutions – good pet health.

Problems with the Flea & Tick Collars

Lots of complaints are filed with the EPA about the chemicals found on flea and tick collars. They are irritating to animals and result in hair loss. Try these old-fashioned remedies and be diligent about checking for anything trying to take a ride on your pet. Being vigilant in the search for these parasites can help keep the health of your pet and your family up to high standards. 

Keep the fun in summer for both your family and your pets. Make sure plenty of clean water access is available. Favorite balls and toys are washed. Pets are healthy – washed and clean. And the daily inspection for fleas and ticks can make all the difference for everyone.