Long Walks and Cool Evenings – It’s Fall

Fall Dog WalkingThe cool crisp air seems so perfect for an early evening walk with the dog. Leaves are falling, pumpkins pop on porches – some scary and some fun and whimsical. The wind plays a big part in the evening as it rustles the leaves and makes the ghosts made out of fabric hanging in the trees seem to come alive. All these things can sort of spook you and your pet too – but it’s truly an adventure to take a long walk on a Fall evening.

As it is still warm during the day and it seems to be super dry as well – place more than a few water bowls around the house for your pet to keep hydrated. Rough play with a neighborhood friend or at the puppy park means an outside water dish too sometimes.

Remember it’s Halloween season and as it gets close to the end of the month it’s best to keep pets inside when the activity at night picks up.  Many dogs get lost on Halloween night because they are so excited the door bell is ringing so much and children fill the doorway – sometimes they see another pet and escape your grasp as you’re trying to unload all the candy! Enjoy the season and don’t forget to take longer walks in the Fall and enjoy the scenery as much as your pet. No cell phones, just you and your friend.