Graduation Parties and Pets

Graduation Parties and Pets by Niles and Friends of Fort Collins, CO Pet SittersThis is such a fun time of the year when students are graduating from High School or College. Many parents want to have backyard barbecues to celebrate with friends and family.

Does your pet get to join in on the fun?

Here are the top 5 tips for mixing graduation parties and pets.


Top 5 Tips for Graduation Parties and Pets

(1) As soon as possible, clean up the backyard of any debris. Yes, you know what I mean, right? If the dog is used to going outside in a big general area, it’s a real good idea to start cleaning up this area so that naturally the rain can wash away any questionable areas. If you are placing tables, chairs and food areas for your guests, it’s best that these areas are clean and smell fresh! Think about making a special area for the dog to take care of things on the side of the house way before your graduation party!

(2) Give the dog a wonderful bath so they are clean for your guests. Your dog is probably a well known fixture of the family. To include the pets, it’s best to give them a nice shower or bath (there are local places where you can do this too) and have them ready to greet your guests.

(3) Dogs think the backyard is still “their” backyard – so be warned! I was at a lovely party one day and the family’s dog decided to you-know-what right near where everyone was eating! Yikes! Not a pleasant experience and then we had to watch the owner clean it up – this was the guy at the grill earlier – not good! Have your dog walked by a family member so that there are no accidents during your luncheon.

(4) Make sure your guests know if a dog is going to be present. Some children have allergies to cats and dogs. It’s best to know ahead of time if this might be a problem. Usually for a backyard event you will be fine. But if you bring the party inside, some guests might have to leave early due to allergic conditions.

Graduation parties and pets by Nile s and Friends of Fort Collins Colorado(5) Will you allow other people to bring their pets? Some people know you are a dog loving family and would love to bring their dog so they can play. However, this is a time to celebrate the graduate. It’s probably better to have your guests leave their pets at home. Many dogs  will eat too many treats and it could be a problem later. And things can get fairly crazy fast with two excited dogs running around while your guests are trying to enjoy conversation at a table.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for graduation parties and pets. Planning ahead with any party is always a great idea. Make sure you dog is either safely tucked away from activities and/or on their best behavior for your graduation party.

Congratulations grads!